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Accessibility Tools

The Accessibility Center offers several tools to support accessibility in the CCC System at no cost. Please note that organizations may be limited to a specific number of seats or licenses depending on product license limitations. 

Canvas Accessibility (Pope Tech)

Pope Tech's Canvas Accessibility solution consists of two tools - the Instructor Accessibility Guide and Canvas Dashboards. The Instructor Accessibility Guide reviews Canvas pages for potential accessibility errors and prompts content authors with changes to resolve issues within their Canvas pages. Accessibility Dashboards allows instructors to view the accessibility status of all their courses and gives administrators overall accessibility reports at the institution. Key features of this tool include automated scans for accessibility issues, detailed accessibility reports, and guidance for resolving identified accessibility issues.

To request access to this Canvas Solution, please complete the Pope Tech Dashboards request form. Installing this tool requires District/College Canvas administrator approval and attendance at a meeting with Pope Tech.

Note: Requesting the Instructor Accessibility Guide by itself is no longer available since Pope Tech Dashboards already includes this tool.

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Document Conversion (CCC Document Converter)

The CCC Document Converter is a tool available to the California Community College System that converts digital files into alternate formats. Once a file has been uploaded and processed, an email will be delivered to your CCC email address in a few minutes depending on the length and complexity of the source material.

Source files should be of good quality in order to maximize conversion accuracy. Please note that the resulting output does not produce structurally accessible files and further remediation may be needed. Additionally, PDF documents that are locked for security purposes will not be processed.

Access the CCC Document Converter

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PDF Remediation (Equidox)

Equidox is a web-based application that assists in the remediation of inaccessible PDF documents and converts them into HTML, EPUB, or accessible PDF versions. This tool should not be used to remediate documents that contain personal data. 

To request access to Equidox, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. At this time, licenses are limited to approximately six per CCC organization. 

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Website Scanning (Pope Tech)

The Pope Tech website scanning tool is a site-wide accessibility scanning and evaluation tool designed to crawl an institution's public-facing website and identify potential accessibility errors. This tool uses multi-page scanning to provide feedback on errors, alerts, color contrast, ARIA usage, and more. 

To request access to the Pope Tech website scanning tool, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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