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ACMM Status Levels

Status levels are designed to reflect the maturity of each milestone in the Accessibility Capability Maturity Model (ACMM). The ACMM annual assessment uses five status levels: Not Started, Initiated, Defined, Established, and Optimizing. Each status level needs to be supported by evidence provided by the College/District/CCC Entity.

When determining the status level for a milestone, all related defining characteristics must be at the same status level in order to claim that level. Otherwise, the lowest level must be selected. The table below is a summarized version of a detailed document that describes each element of a status level. This document will be made available in the near future.

Status LevelNot startedInitiatedDefinedEstablishedOptimizing
Overall No process Ad hoc or developing Common practice Standard practice Evolving practice
Processes/Procedures None Ad hoc Consistent, informal Consistent, formal Consistent, formal, continually optimized
Process Documentation None Generally absent Draft form Complete, reflects standard practice Complete, reflects evolving practice
Resources None Tentatively identified, not yet allocated Identified, not yet allocated Identified and allocated, in class specification(s) Identified and allocated, admin review resourced, in class specification(s)
Scope/Scale Not applicable Small scale adoption or ad hoc Pilot or significant adoption All activities covered All activities covered, performance data tracked
Responsibility & Authority Nothing assigned Tentatively assigned responsibility or authority Assigned responsibility or authority Formally assigned responsibility & authority Formally assigned responsibility & authority, leads improvements

Identify barriers to starting work

Description of ad hoc process or implementation plan

Description of possible resources

Draft documentation

Description of proposed resources

Personnel assignment(s)

Documentation or process documents

Budget allocations or other resources

Personnel assignment(s)

Class specification documentation

All evidence of Established, in addition to:

Measures of success definition(s)

Administrative review documentation

Performance metrics data