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Site-wide Evaluation Tools

Site-wide web evaluation tools are designed to scan and identify web accessibility issues on a large scale. Rather than evaluating a single page, a site-wide tool automates the process by spidering through the levels of a website and scanning for errors. While not all accessibility issues can be identified using an automated site-wide tool, they can be an effective starting point for identifying where there may be accessibility issues to address immediately.

The CCC Accessibility Center offers two site-wide scanning tools at no cost for California Community Colleges. These include Tenon and Compliance Sheriff. Colleges are welcome to use these applications or to select other site-wide evaluation tools that best fits their web accessibility needs.


Tenon is a simple site-wide evaluation tool that is effective at identifying potential accessibility issues while minimizing the number of false-positive issues. The focus of Tenon is to provide an accurate summary as to how a web page or website conforms to the technical accessibility standards under WCAG 2.0. Tenon is available as both a web-based service as well as API solution for developers to use with other web applications (e.g., WordPress, Drupal, etc.).


Compliance Sheriff

The CCC Accessibility Center hosts the Compliance Sheriff scanning and evaluation tool to support colleges in identifying potential accessibility issues on their public-facing websites. Compliance Sheriff provides a report that identifies how a website meets both manual and automated accessibility tests. As a result, accessibility scores from Compliance Sheriff may be very low initially as Compliance Sheriff requires that you verify all the manual accessibility tests after a scan as part of your accessibility review process.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain access to the scanning system.