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Self-Paced Accessibility Courses

Learn the essentials for ensuring the accessibility of instructional materials in these self-paced courses. In collaboration with @ONE, the CCC Accessibility Center has designed a series of free, online micro-courses in Canvas that focus on accessibility best practices. These courses focus on the basic practices for creating accessible content and instructional materials so as to support access for students with disabilities and all other members of the campus community.

Please note: these are self-paced, non-facilitated courses and are not eligible to receive a badge or continuing education units from the CVC/OEI or CCC Accessibility Center.

Public Courses (no registration required):

Public self-paced courses do not require registration with Canvas to access course content. Should a participant want to access some assignments they would need to register.

Courses Requiring Canvas Registration:

View the Accessibility Essentials micro-courses and enroll in a course today.

Available courses include:

  • Alternate Media Production Manual
  • Alternate Media Workflow Strategies for PDF
  • An Overview of Reading, Writing and Text-to-Speech Tools
  • Canvas Accessibility
  • Introduction to Alternate Media
  • Microsoft Word Accessibility
  • PDF Accessibility
  • PowerPoint Accessibility
  • Video Captioning

Each course is delivered via Canvas and includes hands-on exercises, video demonstrations, and solutions to create and deliver accessible content. Browse the @ONE course catalog for additional online training opportunities.

Accessibility Micro Courses from the @ONE Catalog