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High Tech Center Training Unit Pending Transition

Pending decision in July by the California Community Colleges (CCC) Board of Governors, beginning this August, the High Tech Center Training Unit (HTCTU) will join with the CCC Accessibility Center to build upon accessibility trainings, best practices, support, and guidance to colleges in meeting our institutional obligations to all members of our campus communities.

The change is due to the new Shared Infrastructure Program (SIP), a grant created by CCC Chancellor’s Office through a competitive grant process. An Intent to Award the SIP grant to Butte-Glenn Community College District was announced on June 13, 2018.

For over 25 years, the HTCTU has provided technical assistance, training, and leadership in the areas of assistive computer technology, alternate media, and web accessibility for the students of the California Community Colleges. With technology’s expanding role for our current and prospective students and on our college campuses, the role of both HTCTU and CCC Accessibility Center must also evolve. While the change in any grant program can raise questions about future services, please understand that staff are working to strengthen the accessibility information and resources offered by both these programs during the month of July.


The following timeline is based on the key calendar dates as outlined in the SIP grant. This timeline may change based on modifications to the grant award and is contingent upon the Board of Governors' approval.



June 11, 2018 Notification of Intent to Award SIP grant to Butte-Glenn Community College District
June 27, 2018 Grant protest period ends
July 16, 2018 Board of Governors Approval
August 1, 2018 Commencement of SIP grant

Resources and Publications

AIMHub - Formerly known as the AMX Database, AIMHub is a collaboration between the California State University and California Community Colleges to develop a unified web-based system that will assist students with disabilities and the campus staff who serve them.

Addendum to Guidelines for Producing Instructional and Other Printed Materials in Alternate Media (July, 2018) [PDF] - An addendum to the original guidelines published in 2000. This addendum this document augments the original guidance by clarifying the timeliness of producing alternate media, the student request process, and providing specifics on monitoring college performance related to this task.

Guidelines for Producing Instructional and Other Printed Materials in Alternate Media for Persons with Disabilities (April, 2000) [PDF] - Developed by the California Community College's Chancellor’s Office, in Collaboration with the Alternate Media Workgroup. These Guidelines provide guidance and direction for producing documents in alternate formats for students with disabilities.


Mailing Lists

The mailing lists housed at the HTCTU have been moved to a new mailing list application. Previous list members have been automatically transferred to the new system. Several of the more popular mailing lists are identified below.

How to Subscribe

New members may sign up by visiting the appropriate mailing list web page below and choosing the "Subscribe" link on the right-side of the interface. You will be prompted to create a user name and password (if you do not already have one). Once you have created a user name and password, you will be able to subscribe to the desired list. You will receive a confirmation notice via email after you have subscribed to the list.

List NameDescription
Alternate Media List For discussions about the creation, use, and processes involving alternate formats, such as braille, e-text, and other media formats for students with print-disabilities.
CAPED Mailing List For CAPED members and announcements regarding CAPED events
CAPED AT CIG List The Assistive Technology CAPED Interest Group.
CAPED Veterans CIG For CAPED members involved in the Veterans CAPED Interest Group
DEAF Mailing List For discussions on deaf and hard-of-hearing issues.
DSPS Directors List For DSPS Directors to share and exchange information regarding services, processes, and questions related to serving students with disabilities in the California Community Colleges.
DSPS Region 1 For Region 1 members 
DSPS Region 2  For Region 2 members 
DSPS Region 3 For Region 3 members 
DSPS Region 4 For Region 4 members 
DSPS Region 5 For Region 5 members 
DSPS Region 6 For Region 6 members 
DSPS Region 7 For Region 7 members 
DSPS Region 8 For Region 8 members 
DSPS Region 9 For Region 9 members 
DSPS Region 10 For Region 10 members 
LD Mailing List For discussions related to learning disabilities.