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Speech Recognition

Speech recognition software allows users to control their computers with their voice rather than, or in addition to, a mouse or keyboard. They can dictate and edit emails, documents, etc., and state verbal commands.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software is available for PC and Mac. The software continues to improve and adapt as it becomes familiar with the user’s voice. A companion app, Dragon Anywhere, allows Dragon NaturallySpeaking to function on iOS and Android. The software allows the user to build a customized dictionary for often-used words and phrases, as well as to create shortcuts for frequent commands.

The software is aimed at professionals looking to improve their work efficiency. Dragon NaturallySpeaking offers three software solutions for PC: Dragon Home, for home and student use; Dragon Professional Individual, for professionals and small businesses; and Dragon Legal Individual, for legal professionals. For Mac, only Dragon Professional Individual is offered.