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Screen Magnification

Screen magnification apps are used by individuals with low vision. These apps take a computer or mobile device’s visual output and enlarge it to allow for easier and more detailed viewing.


ZoomText has several versions with different functions. ZoomText Magnifier, can magnify the user’s screen up to 36 times (60 times in Windows 8), can enhance screen colors for easier comprehension, and is able to function on touch-screen devices. ZoomText Magnifier/Reader offers the same functionality as the magnifier while also featuring text-to-speech software.

ZoomText Fusion is the new version that includes ZoomText with JAWS to include magnification plus screen-reader support. There are two versions: Fusion Home Edition, for individual, non-commercial use, and Fusion Professional, for professional or commercial use. All ZoomText software functions solely on Windows.

Windows Magnifier

Windows Magnifier is built in to Windows operating systems. It allows for three different magnification methods: full screen (magnifying the entire screen); lens (superimposes a magnifying lens on the screen that the user can move around and resize); and docked (a set, docked portion of the screen is magnified). The program works with touch-screen and allows for a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

Zoom (macOS)

Zoom for macOS allows for a magnified view of the desktop environment as well as applications. Zoom options include the ability to follow the keyboard focus, speak items under the pointer, and use gestures to increase or decrease the magnified viewport.

The macOS Display Options provides the capability to invert colors and modify contrast settings for the desktop environment. The Display Options also offer the option to switch the view to grayscale as well as reduce the screen transparency.