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It is recommended to use MathType when creating equations in MS Word. This gives the greatest number of uses for the Math once it has been created. The document can be exported to HTML, ePub, or used as-is.


MathType is a software designed to help type and hand-write mathematical notation to easily include quality math equations in documents and digital content. MathType is available for desktop, web (Google Docs), and MS Word on iPad.

Some key features include:

  • Save frequently used equations and symbols in customizable toolbars
  • Setup personal keyboard shortcuts
  • Copy or convert to LaTeX
  • Automatic spacing that conforms to international mathematics typesetting conventions
  • Integrated with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Apple Pages
  • Edit all formulas created with Microsoft Equation 3.0, as well as Microsoft's OMML equation editor
  • Export and import MathML, making it easy to integrate into many publishing workflows using XML
  • Save or export equations as images for applications that support only images
  • Choose font, color, and size according to your preferences or style guide
  • Use any standard keyboard input method to input non-latin based characters & accepts international keyboards
  • Directly integrates with Word and Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) to create documents with mathematical braille

Additional Programs to Consider

  • InftyReader – Convert many pages of math at once
  • WordToEPUB – Converts Word Doc with Word equations to accessible ePub3
  • GrindEQ – Converts MathType to OML or LaTex to Word (Word equation editor) Used to create ePub3 with Math


Suggested Workflow for Thorium to Create ePub3

  • Add equations into MS Word using the Microsoft equation editor.
  • Use WordtoEpub toolbar to create ePub3
  • Test math and other accessibility elements