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A project between the California State University and California Community Colleges, AIMHub is a unified, web-based system to assist campus Disability Services staff in locating and obtaining instructional materials in alternate formats for students with print-based disabilities.

To support access for students with print-based disabilities, colleges have responsibilities for converting inaccessible instructional materials into alternate formats, such as braille, electronic text, large print, and other formats. Such conversion and recreation processes can create time delays by which students do not have access to their instructional materials, potentially impacting course participation.

AIMHub is intended to improve the educational experience for students with disabilities by reducing or eliminating the delays inherent in the constant recreation of commonly used instructional materials at California's community colleges.

How to register for AIMHub

Overview of Registration

  1. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Wait for staff to verify your account
  3. Receive an email of confirmation of account
  4. Visit the AIMHub website ( and enter your email into the Register area
  5. Begin using AIMHub


AIMHub registration begins with an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to validate employment at a college or university. Each campus has one Campus Administrator who manages creation of Campus users, which include student workers. Campus User Roles will be discussed later in the module. There is not an automatic self registration. 

After sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., someone on the team will either approve or deny your account. Your status of employment is manually verified to maintain confidentiality. Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email indicating you need to register your email. Registration is completed via the AIMHub website home page, which is located on the right-side of the screen. Once registered, the website will prompt you to create a password. 

This section will detail the following: 

How to request a Holding from another college

Note - A "holding" is a type of book format for a given title. For example: Human Communication (PDF) would be a single holding. Human Communication (.kez) would be a second holding. 

  1. Type in the ISBN or Title of the Book to search the catalog. 
  2. Select Search - A list of holdings will appear. The list of holdings will include any formats that your college owns. To request a different format of a book, go through the request process.
  3. Select the Request Button
  4. Fill out the Semester field, and check the box for a Verified Print Disability.
  5. Select Confirm Request

A confirmation request will appear. You have an opportunity to “view the request”.

Video: Request a Holding

How to request a holding using AIMHub. 

Search Tips

  • AIMHub will match partial titles and author names. 
  • Dashes in ISBNs do not matter.
  • Search for multiple books simultaneously, by entering several ISBNs (10 or 13), separated by spaces. 
    • Example: “978-145227447-8 1416552987”
  • Search for multiple file formats at the same time, by entering several file extensions, separated by spaces. 
    • Example: “tif pdf”
  • You can mix the format of search terms. For instance, you can search two books by ISBN, in only two formats.
    • Example: “978-145227447-8 1416552987 tif pdf”

Fulfill a Request

When a college has requested a book from your campus, a notification will appear in your AIMHub account, and an email will be sent to the campus administrator. 

In AIMHub, select Requests to My Campus button in the right-side of the site. This section provides the book list other colleges have requested from your college.  

To fulfill a request, complete the following: 

  1. Select Requests to My Campus
  2. Select View Request button.
  3. Review the book information, and type of format that is being requested. Select Upload File.
  4. Select all chapters or files associated with the request. Select Upload Files
  5. Verify the upload was successful by viewing the files that were uploaded and the request log for a new comment. 

Video: Fulfill a Request

Video Guide - Fulfill a Request


How to Submit holdings to AimHub

*holding is a specific type of book format. For example: Human Communication (PDF) would be a single holding. Human Communication (.kez) would be a second holding. 

In order to create a robust database, AIMHub’s success is dependent on its users to upload and share holdings. A college can import their local Alternate Media ISBN list into AIMHub. AIMHub will then pull all the relevant book information from three different web sources including Google Books, Amazon, and Bing searches. 

To upload a list of holdings, follow these steps: 

  1. Log into AIMHub
  2. Select My Holdings at the top left of the page
  3. Select Add Holdings
  4. Copy and Paste your ISBN list into the space provided.
  5. Select Submit. 

AIMHub will now search the web and find the book information - metadata to display alongside the holding. If the book information was found, a confirmation will appear under the Add Holdings window. 

If the book is not found with its search, you must manually enter the metadata for the book. This includes the Book Title, Edition, Author, ISBN, Publisher, and Copyright. There will be two errors if the book information is not found. An example of when metadata was not found is below: 

To Manually Add book information, Select Manually Add Button. 

  1. Fill out the metadata information for the book. Select Save.
  2. Each holding must have the appropriate book formats selected.  
  3. Choose a format by selecting the dropdown Holding Format. Select all versions of the file that have been completed. 
  4. Select Apply

Video: How to Upload Holdings

Video Guide - How to upload holdings



AIMHub is intended to reduce labor and save time by leverging prepared student-ready formats made available from other institutions. Users are able to upload a list of holdings to the database, request holdings from other colleges, and fulfill requests to your college. 

AIMHub improves the educational experience for students with disabilities, by eliminating redundant efforts, integrating the best aspects of existing systems, and delivering long-desired functionality to the three California public higher education systems’ accessible media service providers.